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Create a Relaxing Environment
with these Five Bedroom Design Tips

Different choices and options for a stress-free bedroom

There are things that are fashionable and there are things that are comfortable. Let’s see how you can combine the two to create a uniquely relaxing environment for yourself and your partner.

Minimalist bedroom design
In addition to minimalist approach, you can choose warm and soothing colours
in your bedroom design, to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Support Minimalism

A minimalist approach to home d├ęcor is aiming at creating a stress-free environment. In order to be able to unwind, relax and finally fall asleep, you need a room which will not remind you of how chaotic your life is at times. Having less furniture which is strategically placed around the room will open up space, help you reduce clutter and allow you to move around the room without constantly having to avoid obstacles. On the other hand, there are people who feel uncomfortable with this approach as it may evoke a feeling of emptiness. Please, do not give in, but try to incorporate minimalistic pieces into the area you find empty. Use art, light shelves, lamps etc.

Green is in

Contrary to what most of us have been taught at school, having houseplants in your bedroom is beneficial. It seems that on a subconscious level we are still very connected to nature. Coexisting with plants and having a chance to look at them reduces stress levels and helps us forget about our daily issues. The amount of carbon dioxide produced by plants at night is insignificant and it is overtaken by the fact that plants increase humidity, produce oxygen and negative ions. Depending on the plant you choose for your bedroom, you may get some additional performance features, to call them that. Bottom line is that they will keep you relaxed and healthy by filtering and refreshing your air. You can look up lists of plants that are low-maintenance and particularly good for you.

'Green is in' bedroom design
If you wish to incorporate some plants in your bedroom, you can also choose
complimentary colours and design to match it.

Enjoy the fluffiness

The focal point of your bedroom is, of course, your bed. Make sure it is as comfortable as it gets. Regardless of how soft or firm you like your pillows to be, make sure that your pillowcases are a heaven to touch. The same goes for the rest of your bedding. Choose a fabric-softener with a mild scent to provoke pleasant emotions every time you go to bed. Purchase a bed cover which will instantly make you happy when you enter the bedroom and keep you nice and warm once you are in. However, make sure you have appropriate bedding for the summertime so choose light colors and materials.

Use soothing colors

The best colors for your bedroom are neutrals. You can choose an accent color which is not too dramatic. Use the rest of your house to express yourself, but do not do that in your bedroom. Using vibrant colors and vivid patterns can make it look too busy which is exactly what you should avoid. I would accentuate my bedroom with light blue, lavender, mint or blush. Don’t forget to use wood as it is natural, romantic and soothing. Speaking of romance, plantation shutters are ideal to create romantic lighting on a sunny day.

Fill extra space

Looking at the data I found for the USA according to the National Association of Home Builders, an average master bedroom is 231 square feet. If your room is well above that, you can use some of the extra space to turn into a walk-in closet. Other good options would be installing a fireplace and creating a cozy sitting/reading area.

In order to be able to enjoy what you have created, make sure you put your clothes away as often as you can and keep it tidy.

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