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Modern Wallpaper Designs
for the Modern Home

Transform your home with these 12 wallpaper and wall cover styles

Wallpaper can transform any room or house from mundane to ultra chic. It is easy to fit and can often be removed with little effort. There are literally hundreds of designs and it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Before choosing a wallpaper design for your modern home you will need to consider the style you are after:

Modern apartment bedroom
Choose the right wallpaper style and colour to go with your modern apartment or your home look.

Contemporary style

Any wallpaper which has a traditional pattern on it can be paired with a fresh color and will instantly provide a contemporary, yet chic room. Simple patterns in dual colors, such as green and bronze will sit well in a large space. They will help the room to feel friendly and comfortable without detracting from the size of it.

Single wallpaper

Some wallpaper is better used on just one wall or even put into frames to display as wall art. The best ones have patterns which have been hand printed.


For those who are concerned about the environment it is possible to purchase jute wall coverings. They come in a variety of colors and can add a little sparkle to any type of room. They can also be excellent talking points.


It may seem surprising but stripes are back in style this season. Striped two-tone wallpapers will give the appearance of 3D to any wall or any alcove.

Wavy stripes wall covering
What might be a mundane-looking wall can be turned into an interesting feature with smartly chosen wall covering.

Glass Beads

It is possible to purchase wallpaper which is covered in tiny glass beads. These create a unique shine which will catch anyone’s eye. This is a quick and easy way to turn any wall into a talking point.

Wallpapers for the outdoors

It is no longer just the inside of your house which can be wallpapered. There are now designs on the market which can be utilized outside and will add an interesting focal point to your garden. It will definitely make the outside feel more inside!


This is a color which is often shied away from. It is seen as girlie and often over the top. In fact, pink is everywhere in nature and it can make a beautiful additional to any home. Pink is actually a common color in the tropics and can be used to good effect in any home.

Bold wallpaper designs

Some wallpapers are extremely bold, they have huge flowers on them and would make a room feel hemmed in if used on all the walls. Something such as a large Rhododendron print can still be used provided it is used sparingly and in a larger space with neutral colors.

Black & White

Many black and white wallpaper’s have patterns which are reminiscent of the 1960s. This can be a little overpowering if added into a 60’s styled home. The trick is to balance the wallpaper with contemporary, modern furniture. This will create an ultra modern room with a sense of both the past and the future.

Coloured wall covering
Just the right splash of colour with your bright wallpaper or wall cover will make your room come alive.

Let natural light come in – bright wallpapers

Bathrooms often feature plain or even grey colors in the showers and baths. These are functional, if slightly monotonous. Of course, wallpaper cannot be used in a shower or bath. They can, however, be used on the other walls of the bathroom and a bright color can provide a gorgeous balance to the grays.


Not all wallpaper has patterns or a variety of colors. Some papers are simply one color and some of these are made out of designer fabrics which give the wallpaper a living or mottled feel. These wallpapers can make enough of a statement by themselves and do not need anything extra.


In a large room the wall can appear to be never ending, or even overwhelming. A great way to break this up without disturbing the sense of space is to use wallpaper which has random patterns or lines built into it. As there is no one pattern to draw the eye your visitors will not be drawn to the size of the wall, they will be too busy trying to see a pattern in the paper!

There are great ideas one can use to transform a home. Mounting wallpapers is one of them. Select a preferred material, patterns and design, and get started. Go for models that add warmth into your home, and make sure to avoid cold, unappealing nuances.

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