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5 Tips for Tackling Interior Design
as a New Homeowner

How to turn your house into a home

As a new homeowner, you’re probably hoping to achieve an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, livable, and functional space in your new home. Turning your house into a home isn’t a quick process. By taking your time, you’re more likely to get the home of your dreams—a home that’s a relaxing and welcoming oasis for your family and your guests.

Of course, as a new homeowner, you also want to have a home, which enhances your lifestyle while showing off your unique personal style. Here are five tips for tackling interior design as a new homeowner.

Modern design kitchen and living room
As a new homeowner, you will want to create an interior design that will
your personal lifestyle, while being comfortable to your guests.

1. Know Your Budget

The first step you should take when approaching interior design in your new home is understanding your budget. Having a budget allows you to set guidelines in which to work and keeps you from going overboard as you start personalizing your house. As you move into your new home, in most cases you’ll have more space than you had previously, which translates to space that needs to be filled.

Your first instinct might be to buy all new furniture along with all the finishing touches needed to get your home just the way you want it. Your budget is key to keep you from overspending (after all, you did just buy a new house). Plus, your budget will also encourage creativity in buying, restoring, or repurposing all the items you need to achieve the ideal interior design for your new home.

2. Start With Small Changes

You don’t have to make a ton of big changes the second you move into your new home. Start small with minor changes like rearranging furniture in a single room, swapping out old knobs for new ones, and tastefully adding d├ęcor to walls. In all likelihood, some of your pieces from your previous home can be used by simply adding minor updates like new throw pillows, table lamps, or a piece of art.

3. Complete One Room

While nearly all new homeowners would like to complete the design of their new house all at once, for most people, it’s simply not practical. Completing one room at a time is the best approach. As you choose the room with which to begin, assess your space and develop your plan. Many homeowners find the kitchen or the family room the perfect place to start.

4. Choose Your Colors

Starting with a color selection will give you direction and help you with the overall plan for your space. You’ll want to choose hues you like, while keeping in mind that neutral tones deliver an open, airy effect. Bold colors are ideal for accent and character. Remember to choose colors you love which will guide you in the selection of all the exciting interior design pieces to come.

5. Express Your Personal Style

As you decorate your new home, be sure to express your personal style. Your new home should reflect you and all that you love. Designing your home should be a fun experience, not a stressful one. You want the result to be a new home that is beautiful, functional, and comfortable for years to come!

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