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How to Let Your Kids Help Decorate This Christmas – Without Ending Up with a Mess!

Have fun with your children decorating for Christmas

We all know that Christmas is really supposed to be all about the kids, but unfortunately, children are not known for their refined taste in décor.

Perhaps in previous years, you have struggled to convince your children how to get that sophisticated look for your home. Their idea of an army of singing Santas and an Italian restaurant's worth of macaroni covered in glitter isn't really what you had in mind.

Involve your kids with Christmas decorating
Putting up Christmas decorations and wrapping up presents are the fun parts about Christmas, so get your children involved for all to enjoy. (Image by

By now, you might be wondering if it is possible to share the fun of Christmas decorating with them and still end up with something that will look stylish when your friends from work come over for Christmas drinks.

Here are some ideas of holiday decorations your children will love putting up, but which also look tasteful and chic!

Silhouette Outdoor Nativity Scene

Kids absolutely love the idea of outdoor decorations – they love having their home look Christmassy and showing it off to their friends, and they also appreciate the scale of these large, exciting pieces. However, a lot of adults are less enthusiastic about them, preferring not to be 'that house' that has the luminous Santa and reindeer and spends a fortune on powering it!

If you want to please your kids while avoiding the tacky look, a good compromise is to go with a wooden outdoor nativity scene. You can even get ones that are just silhouettes of the figures, which look really nice when they are lit up without being over the top. Check out Outdoor Nativity Store for ideas.

Let your child be creative
Children's creativity knows no bounds, so let your child play with their ideas of Christmas decor, to make it truly unique. (Image by

Paper Chains

Making paper chains is an easy homemade decoration idea that kids can work on as a fun craft project, and the good thing is it is also a really fashionable look at the moment. The rustic, traditional and homemade look is really in for Christmas 2015, so as long as you keep the colors of paper they are using coordinated so they don't produce a clashy rainbow you are then expected to hang around the home, what they produce could look really good! Using classic paper colors like red and white can work well, or even metallics. This is a good way to let them have fun and actually get a benefit style wise from their input!

Decorate Their Bedrooms

If your children really are insistent that you need to have a gold glittery reindeer or a dancing snowman as part of your Christmas décor, then why not let them have fun decorating their own rooms however they want? You can even buy little mini Christmas trees so they can have their very own. This allows them to feel even more festive in the Christmas run up, and also means that the tackier bits and pieces that perhaps appeal to them a little more can have a place where your friends won't see them!

Decorating for Christmas doesn't have to be a choice between fun with the kids and a beautiful look – look for ways to make tasteful fun, and if all else fails, let them have the stuff they like out of sight of your guests in their rooms!

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