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Five Reasons
Why CPR Classes are a Lifesaver

The benefits of knowing CPR in emergencies

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR would need to be performed on someone who has stopped breathing and/or their heart has stopped. When this type of event occurs, you only have a short window of opportunity to save someone’s life and if the emergency services are too far away, it’s up to you to help that person live.

Child Emergencies

Most parents experience at least one medical emergency with their children as they make the transition from newborn babies to adulthood and there are lots of reasons why a child might stop breathing and require CPR. If a small child develops a raging fever, it can lead to a seizure, which may cause the child to stop breathing. If a small child fell into the swimming pool, for example, CPR could save their life.

First aid kit should be in every home
In addition to knowing how to perform CPR in emergencies,
you should also make sure to equip your home (and your car)
with the first id kit.

Elder Emergencies

Older people rarely fall into swimming pools, but they are prone to other medical emergencies such as heart attacks and strokes. If an elderly relative has a heart attack or suffers a stroke, there is a very real possibility that they might stop breathing. Without a timely episode of CPR, they will die or suffer brain damage as a result of oxygen deprivation.

Dramas in the Workplace

Accidents sometimes happen in the workplace and first aid training is a must-have qualification for at least one member of staff. In an office scenario, an employee could suffer from a heart attack, or if you work in the hospitality industry, a customer could collapse and require resuscitation. A responsible employer will pay for their employees to have basic CPR classes Los Angeles and Lifesaver Education classes, so if nobody in your current place of employment is suitably qualified, book a course.

Road Traffic Accidents

Our roads are dangerous places and accidents happen all the time. If you are the first to arrive at the scene of an accident, CPR training would be essential. Road traffic accidents can often be serious and if a victim has stopped breathing, perhaps because of shock, CPR will help to help keep them alive until the emergency services arrive.

An ambulance vehicle in front of a hospital
Knowing CPR - cardiopulmonary resuscitation -
skills can be extremely helpful, while you wait on an ambulance to arrive.

Community Care

Being part of the local community means taking part in community events and mixing with a wide range of different people. At some point you may be required to assist in a medical emergency and if you are the only person who has been trained to give CPR, your skills will be essential. CPR training is always useful when you are involved with children and seniors, but anyone can have a heart attack or choke on a piece of food, so being prepared for every eventuality is essential.

You should have no problem finding CPR classes in Los Angeles and anywhere else for that matter. CPR classes are normally fairly short because they only cover the basics, so if you think a full grounding in first aid would be more appropriate for your circumstances look into First Aid courses with CPR training included. And if you think CPR and first aid training could be beneficial in the workplace, ask your employer to pay for you to attend the course.

Benefits of Knowing CPR
Benefits of Knowing CPR
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