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Parents: Buying And Maintaining A Minivan
Isn't As Scary As You Think!

A few reasons why you need a minivan, if you have children

As a parent, one of the costs you will have to bear is owning and maintaining a car. It's no secret that there are all kinds of autos on the market these days. You can buy cars as small or large as you like. And it doesn't matter whether fuel economy or high performance is your thing. There's something out there for you.

For some strange reason, many parents shy away from the prospect of getting a minivan. Some people seem to think that minivan equals high costs. Others don't think they need such a large vehicle.

Today, I'm here to tell you that if you've got one or more children, you NEED a minivan in your life! You might feel that a crossover SUV might be a better option. But, a minivan will suit your needs better. Plus, buying and maintaining one isn't as scary as you might think! Here's why:

Toyota Sienna XLE
Getting a minivan for your family's transport and travel needs might not be
as costly as your might believe it. (Image source:

A minivan is still just a car

The word "van" conjures up thoughts of expensive maintenance costs. Some folks think it's hard to service and repair any minivan because they aren't like normal cars. Here's the plot twist: a minivan is still just a car!

Sure, it might be taller and a little wider than most average cars on the road. But, they are still cars nonetheless. The costs to service and repair a minivan aren't that different to say compacts or large sedans.

And thanks to the Web, getting parts for minivans isn't going to be an expensive exercise. For example, online tyres are cheaper to source than ones from local tire shops. Oil and other consumables are also cheaper. Often, you can order the parts you need online and collect them from a local retailer!

Sliding doors are a brilliant innovation

Many of today's minivans don't have rear doors that pop out like with most cars. They have sliding doors instead. Why is that a good idea? Well, think about it. You're driving a car that's a little smaller than an SUV. You pick your space in a parking lot. But, there isn't much room to swing open large doors.

Sliding doors need little room to operate. That means occupants can easily get in and out of the car. And if you need to get babies and toddlers out of car seats, the task gets made simpler for you.

Some minivans have "manual" sliding doors while others are electric. In the latter case, all you do is press a button to operate the door from inside. When you approach the minivan, a button on the keyfob can help you to open the sliding door remotely.

Honda Odyssey minivan
A good minivan vehicle will give you more of the much needed space for your
family, while still being a car. (Image source:

Plenty of cabin space

One thing parents sometimes don't realize is how they need more space than they first thought. Sure, you might only have a toddler. But, you'll usually need to carry things like bags of spare clothes, diapers and so on. You'll also need space for a pushchair and other cargo that you may need. And that's just for short journeys only!

As you can imagine, space is at a premium when you've got kids inside of a small compact. A station wagon might offer extra space. But, you need a car that is as practical as possible. There's no need to go to the expense of buying an SUV to achieve that goal. You can do so just by getting a minivan!

The extra headroom in a minivan is also useful. When you've got babies and young children, you'll need to put them in their seats. Maneuvering them in a compact car will give both you and them plenty of bangs to your heads!

Another advantage of a minivan's cabin space is the practicality. Such vehicles have an array of storage compartments. Plus, they often feature several cup holders. A useful idea for outdoor adventures, wouldn't you agree?

Insurance doesn't cost as much as an SUV

One of the selling points of minivans is how they are affordable to insure. I've often heard worried parents saying how they think minivans are expensive to insure. These people usually have some idea of how much it costs to insure an SUV.

What many people don't know is that minivans boast affordable insurance. Let's face it; a minivan is just a car with a tall roof and wide body! It's not a behemoth like a large sports utility vehicle!

Final thoughts

As you can see, buying a minivan shouldn't be a scary prospect. They are practical and affordable. And, in my opinion, easier to drive than an SUV.

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