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Unusual But Fun Ideas For A Family Holiday

Three destinations for an amazing family holiday

One of the toughest things parents have to do is organise a holiday everyone will like. If you’ve got siblings with vastly different tastes, this job is harder than you’d believe! One way to make sure that nobody complains is to go somewhere different and unusual to your everyday experience.

Here are a few holiday ideas which are a little unusual. All three guarantee a lot of fun, too!

Horseback riding in Idaho
For an unusual and fun family holiday, try a working ranch holiday in America, which is open to tourists. (Image from

Working ranch holiday in America

You and your partner may want to experience America, but want to steer clear of Disneyland. You might want to consider a working ranch holiday. You may be surprised that many of these professional ranches are open to tourists. This will give your whole family an authentic wild west experience. From the moment you enter the rural south where these ranches are run, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a film. You’ll have plenty of time riding horses, trekking into the beautiful surrounding hills. Taking in the incredible scenery is enough for many people! If you’re brave enough, you can even take on some introductory rodeo training! Most nights in the summer are great for gazing at clear, star-flecked skies while you laze around a camp fire.

Skiing holiday in Europe

If your kids are a little older, then a skiing holiday is something they certainly won’t forget! Your eldest might moan about the idea now. I assure you, they’ll cut that out as soon as you bring them close enough to a towering mountain. There are ski resorts scattered all over the world, but in my opinion the best are in Switzerland. The scenery is gorgeous, the food is delicious, and you don’t have to learn the language! The exchange rate can be pretty harsh on British tourists. Even so, if you look around enough you’re bound to find a package which is fairly affordable. Momentum Ski do some great offers on family skiing holidays.

Qeschinen Lake in Switzerland
Switzerland's gorgeous scenery makes for a great holiday in Europe, whether you choose a skiing or a summer holiday in mountains. (Image from Wikimedia)

Family holiday in India

What if you want a truly unforgettable family holiday? I have to recommend some of India’s national parks. Any populated area in India is going to prove pretty daunting for any sheltered Brit. That’s not to say you shouldn’t check out a few of the towns and cities during your trip. For a peaceful, and more manageable family trip, go to the parks dotted around central Madhya Pradesh. If your children are young, and still fascinated with animals they’ve never seen before, then this will blow their minds! These parks house large populations of Bengal tigers, langur monkeys, antelope and swamp deer. You can see all this incredible wildlife through guided walking tours or jeep tours. After this, there are excursions to the nearby Taj Mahal and the temples of Kahjuraho.

These three destinations are just some of the amazing family holidays you can have. If you’re sick of lounging around a pool and taking the kids to theme parks, then start planning now! Despite what people say, it’s not a small world! Do a little searching, and you’ll find something the whole family will talk about for years.

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