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Family Day Outdoor Adventures

Five great ideas for a fun-filled family day outdoors

Have a quality outdoor adventure with your loved ones. Whether it be during work days, weekend or holidays, spending time out and about is great for the entire family. A great way for kids to experience and learn new things, an adventure in nature can be a healthy, fun-filled adventure for everyone. The most important thing is you are under the sun and surrounded by the people you love.

An Adventure Under Open Skies

Make a weekend-long camping trip into the wilderness. Returning to nature will make for a great family adventure. This will also be an educational trip as kids can learn useful skills like building fires, tying knots or putting up a tent. Moreover, they can learn about wildlife and get interested in nature by starting a snap-shot collection with a wildlife camera. The activities don’t end there. While the day can be spent in exploring, evenings will be reserved for roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories by the camp-fire. And the days spent outdoors will be healthy, filled with fresh air and exercise.

An outdoor adventure
Spending a family day outdoors is a great way to learn about nature, have fun, 
and recharge your batteries.

Paddling Into An Adventure

If your family is water-friendly than a canoeing adventure is exactly for you. What it offers is getting in touch with nature, great fun and exercise. This will be a completely different experience which will provide a new perspective on nature. Also, you will have a chance to whiteness spectacular wild scenery from the middle of a lake or river and comfort of your canoe. Kids will love this, because they are always close to water, and a stop for a swim is never far behind.

Canoe paddling
Paddling in a canoe is an excellent outting for water lovers, to get in touch with nature and enjoy a wholesome exercise.

A Different Kind Of Road Trip

Pack a lunch and go on a bike trip. This outdoor activity can be an adventure during the work day as well. Not only is it flexible, but it combines both nature and civilization. Kids will have a chance to learn a lot both by meeting other places and people, and by seeing and exploring the nature between them. Making a tour of your state can be a great beginners’ trip, starting you off on a nation-wide trip.

Family bike trip
Explore your surrounds by taking a day off for a cycling trip with your family
to stimulate the senses.  (Image by

A Scenic Walk

Some of the most beautiful scenery is on can be found by going on a mountain hiking trip. Walking among all that high-altitude fresh air will make excellent and healthy exercise. And to make it fun, mom and dad can start a scavenger hunt to spark interest in the kids. Learning about the location in preparation for the trip is very useful, since exploration is another key ingredient of a quality hiking trip. Caves, tunnels, and abandoned cabins provide exactly that. While, a stunning lookout point may be a great place for a break and an outdoor picnic.

Beautiful outdoor scenery
When you find yourself in a beautiful scenic surroundings, you will immerse yourself into nature and its exciting splendour.  (Image by

Diving Into An Adventure

A scuba-diving adventure can be an novelty experience for everyone. Renting a boat and exploring the nature of the deep will provide something completely unusual and very fun. With stunning sea beauty awaiting, children will find this most interesting because of all the wildlife they will encounter. Not only that, but you will be able to catch some rays and enjoy the water. And the boat gives you mobility. You will be able to explore different places, coastlines, and islands.

Exploring underwater world
For a novel outdoor experience, consider going scuba diving with your family
and exploring the underwater world. (Image by

It is increasingly important to spend family time in the great outdoors. Not only for health reasons, but the change to nature will do everyone good. Parents will unwind and relax, while kids will explore and learn. And by making a bit more effort turn your family outing into a real outdoor adventure.

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