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How to Travel Safely With Your Kids

A few general safety tips for traveling with your children

Traveling can be stressful for anyone. Traveling with kids adds another element of stress for parents. Children get uprooted from their familiar surroundings. Their schedules get changed. They might not sleep as well as they do in their own beds at home. Trying to keep them safe when traveling can also be challenging.

Whether it be traveling a couple of hours away from home for one night, or visiting many countries on a week-long cruise, it's best to keep safety tips in mind.

Two boy brothers sitting on grass in park, with a bag and teddy

Traveling with your kids adds another dimension of parental responsibility,
with their safety on your mind, while trying to make them feel safe and have fun. 
(Image by Victoria Borodinova, via Pixabay)

A Few General Safety Tips

When it comes to traveling with kids, make smart choices and be prepared. Be aware, keep your eyes open and know the risks in the area you are traveling. Consider putting your contact information in your child's shoes so authorities can contact you in case you get separated from them. Seat your child or children in between you. Make sure you take your child's car seat with you.

Try to Keep Your Trip as Child-Friendly as Possible

Your best bet is seeking out a hotel, vacation  destination or cruise that is more on the child-friendly side. This will help keep your kids safe. Look for a vacation with activities for children or with a children's pool, splash pad or a pool that's not deep for better safety. Look for a place to travel to that has access to food and meals 24-hours a day, such as a 24-hour buffet, so there are always food and drinks available. When you get to your room, make sure to childproof it.

A young girl having fun in surf on a beach

Traveling on your holiday with family means finding safe locations
that are child-friendly, so that parents too can relax and enjoy the trip.
(Image by D. Dimitrova, via Pixabay)

Pack Everything You Need

If you are flexible, perhaps you can take a last minute vacation or choose from any last minute cruises because sometimes you can get good deals from them. Always keep a bag packed with children's travel & safety necessities. This way, you can just grab it and go. The thing to always keep in mind when traveling is that there may not be many stores around.

It is always wise to pack enough diapers and wipes for the trip, diaper rash cream, snacks or baby food, bottles and sippy cups, bibs, bathing suits, plenty of mix and match clothes, all of the necessary toiletries, pre-mixed formula, extra pacifiers, small blankets, small toys and books, plenty of sunscreen, pool or beach shoes, gym shoes and socks, and safety water floatation devices.

Be Prepared For Situations That Require Medical Attention or Medical Emergencies

Pills and tablets with a thermometer
Before you travel, find out if any immunization is required for your trip,
as well as bring along all necessary medications your kids may require.

If you're going anywhere that requires extra immunizations for travel, make sure your children get the ones they need too. Take a first aid kit with you. Take a thermometer and some children's medications with you such as ibuprofen and children's allergy medicine. If your child has a food allergy, be sure to tell all of your servers and have an EpiPen with you. Be careful with new food choices, make sure the children drink plenty of bottled water, watch the cold or heat and always have them wear sunscreen when you're outside.

Traveling with young children can be a very enjoyable experience. Many wonderful family memories can be made if you travel safe.


Charlotte Davis is a travel blogger on a mission to inspire people to explore the world with safety as a priority. She is a digital nomad who wants to share her ideas on how to stay safe while enjoying every minute of your journey.

You can also follow her adventures here.

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