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Tips for Choosing
the Ideal Pet Friendly Hotel

How to find holiday accommodation for your and your pets

If you're planning on taking a holiday with your entire family, including your furry family, you'll need to take some extra time to narrow down your choices of the very best pet-friendly hotels that will comfortably accommodate you and your pets.

Continue reading for a few helpful tips on how to find and book the best hotel, no matter where you are in the world and where you're travelling.

Taking pets on your family holiday
It takes an extra effort to find a pet friendly holiday accommodation, but your family and your furry friends will appreciate it.

Use the Internet and Read Reviews

To find the best pet-friendly hotel for your particular needs, searching on the internet, in addition to getting referrals, is the best place to start. Check out sites like My Pawson Dog Friendly Hotels and other pet-friendly directories, but be sure to follow up whatever information you gather by looking at reviews of the hotels that you're considering. Remember that even though a hotel may make great claims and look beautiful on its website, review sites like TripAdvisor may provide more insight from people who have actually stayed there.

Search for Nearby Pet-Friendly Park and Beaches

Woman with her pet feline
Pets become an essential part of family, so it's only natural to take them along on a family holiday, too.
The last thing that you want to do is book a pet-friendly hotel in an area that isn't all that pet-friendly after all. You don't want to leave your dog in the hotel all day and night, so look for hotels that offer easy access to pet-friendly beaches, parks, and other outdoor areas that the entire family can enjoy.

Not only will this make it a lot easier to walk your dog each day, but it will allow your family to interact with each other and enjoy each other's company. After all, your dog is a part of the family and should be included in the activities.

Search for Nearby Pet-Friendly Restaurants

If you want to take your dog along while you enjoy a meal at a restaurant or have a drink at a café, rest assured that there are many areas around the world that offer pet-friendly establishments. In this way, you can take your pet while you take in the local sights and activities, and you don't always have to end up ordering takeout either.

Again, searching for pet-friendly hotels can yield a lot of results, but once you narrow down your choices to those that are in close proximity to pet-friendly establishments and eateries, you'll be able to make a decision more easily.

Pet-friendly beach
When you are going on a holiday with your pet, it's important that you combine your pet-friendly hotel with pet-friendly beach.

Opt for a Rental Home Instead

If you can't find the ideal hotel, consider a rental home instead. In this way, you'll have an entire house to yourself to enjoy for however long your holiday will last. You can find these all over the world at some of the most beautiful and sought-after destinations, and they can be surprisingly affordable when you consider everything you're getting for the money.

With a vacation home, you'll enjoy more space, and pet-friendly homes even come equipped with necessary pet supplies, such as dog leashes and more, so you can rest easy if you accidentally forget something or if you need a quick replacement for a supply that breaks or gets lost.

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