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The Ultimate Guide to
Preparing Your Home Before Vacation

How to keep your home secure while away

The time has finally come for you to take your long awaited vacation. But before you leave the house, there are thousands of things you have to do. From ensuring that everything is turned off to making sure you have locked everything properly.

To help you prepare your home before vacation, here is a checklist of things which you have to do before leaving, and ensure that your home is secure.

Prepare your home before going on vacation
Before you leave on your family vacation, your home should be prepared
to stay secure in your absence.

Bye-bye hidden keys

One of the most important things to remember is to take all hidden spare keys you have around the house and put them inside. Whether you are keeping one in your flower pot, under the front door mattress, or anywhere around the house, take it and place it inside the house. This will minimize the chances of someone “accidently” finding your house keys; you don’t want a random person lying comfortably in your living room.

Security: ON

It’s crucial that you leave the house in a good order so that the potential burglar won’t break into it. To start with, you need to make sure not many people know you’re on vacation. Except your coworkers, friends and family, no one else has to know. Before you leave, don’t close the curtains in every room. Don’t leave any windows open, and don’t leave the lights on. If you have cameras installed, take advice from your security company and place it on your front gate. It’s a preemptive strike against potential burglars, letting them know that your house is being monitored 24/7.

Ready to travel on vacation
If you are going to drive to your vacation, prepare your children to stay busy
and entertained during what might be a long drive.

Clean out the fridge

Depending on how long your vacation will take, you might want to clean your fridge before you go. Otherwise you are going to be in a whole lot of mess when you come back. We’re talking rotten meat, stinky spills which you forgot to clean, milk gone bad, etc. Anything that will expire should be tossed aside. The same goes for fruits: they tend to lose their essence after a few days spent in the fridge, so toss them away or eat them before you go.

Put mail and newspaper on hold

Before you leave, make a few calls and put all incoming mail and newspaper delivery on hold. The last thing you want is your mail or newspaper stacking up in front of your main door. This will give a clear sign that you’re not at home, and encourage potential burglars to try and break in. Either that, or someone may steal your mail.

Packed for a vacation
It's good to take your family photo before leaving, but don't advertise the fact
that your family is going on a holiday.

Now I don’t know what you have in those envelopes, but if you ordered something online before you went on vacation, there’s a good chance that someone may steal it. Contact the seller and let them know that you’re going on a trip, and let him send it to you upon your return, or ship to your friend’s or neighbor’s address.

Hire a sitter

If you have pets which you cannot take with you, or a garden which requires constant watering, consider house sitting as an option. There are plenty of trustworthy agencies offering sitters who will take care of your garden, pets and your home in general. The only thing you have to do is give them a call, and pay their sitting fee. Your dog will get fed and walked around the block, your plants will have all the water they need and your house will be in the same shape as it were before you left.

Ready for vacation fun
With everything in place for your vacation and your home secure,
it's time to go and have fun.

Keep the lights on

Now, some people disagree with this one, but leaving at least one light on can have a huge impact on a potential burglar. Having the lights on usually means someone is at home, which is a big no-no for all people with dishonorable thoughts. Whether it’s the kitchen, the living room or the hallway, leave at least one light one. Just in case. Yes, it may cost a few bucks of electricity, but it can save your home from being robbed.

Once you’ve checked everything from the list above, you’re free to take your vacation without worrying about your home. It will be in perfect condition, safe from burglaries and potential crashers. It is time you go and enjoy your vacation.

All above images courtesy of Creative Commons

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys writing about home and family, pets and gardening.

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