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3 Steps Towards More Storage Space
in Your Garden Shed

Ideas to increase garden shed storage capacity

Garden shed with tools

It seems that garden sheds have a tendency to shrink overnight – somehow, or over the course of a few months, they become smaller and smaller. And the more things you store into them, the tinier they become. Interesting, right? Well, not at all.

Small garden shed

Garden sheds can store only so much stuff and, unfortunately, can’t magically grow into more spacious structures just because you need them to. However, there is something that can be done.

It’s not sorcery and it will take some time, but the result is going to be nothing shorter of a magic trick. Here are a few smart ways to increase the capacity of your garden shed.

Take Care of the Clutter

This is easier said than done, but will do wonders for your garden shed – just take out the trash, people! Sheds are full of old childhood memories, gardening tools you never use and car parts that are outdated and unwelcomed. Moreover, we can bet that your sheds also include things like gym equipment – that’s probably never been used – broken or damaged computers and small machines that you most likely don’t even know how to operate.

A makeshift garden shed

Decluttering garden sheds doesn’t need to take long, but a solid 15 minutes of work will do the trick. Taking care of all of these items will give you plenty of new space to store new unnecessary things, but that’s OK – you need to gather something to throw out next year as well!

Neatly arranged garden shed

Organize, Organize, Organize

Larger garden shed provides more space

Once you get rid of the junk, try to organize the rest of your stuff in a better and more sustainable manner. With a clearly-labeled and neat organization, your shed will store more items and you’ll be able to spot and reach them more easily, which will save you tons of time and energy.

Separate everything into piles – tools, memorabilia, machines, household supplies, etc. – and dedicate a separate part of the shed to each of these.

The more small items you have, the harder it is to track them. Therefore, keeping everything in plastic see-through containers with labels makes much more sense. Moreover, a lot of people use hanging storage bins or even mount their tools onto the walls – a suitable pegboard wall will make your shed well-ordered and much tidier.

Ready to mow the lawn

Go up with the Shelves!

Now that everything is in boxes and ready to be stored, you have to think about the shelves. Even though not everyone loves keeping shelves in their sheds, you simply can’t function without them and need a good system to keep the whole kit and caboodle in the right place. That’s why proper shelving options are the way to go: they introduce necessary structure into your shed, organize the space and allow you to store everything within arm’s reach.

Garden shed can serve more purposes

Another idea is to go up. Not all sheds are spacious, but some of them have high ceilings, so why not utilize that? Vertical storage is the thing of the future and practical floor-to-ceiling shelves will save your life. Organize them in accordance with the frequency of usage – store things you use daily on the bottom shelves, and keep the items you rarely use on the top ones.

Final Touches

If you have followed these three steps carefully, that means that your gardening shed is now meticulously organized and has more room, so congratulations are in order! Some of the other things you can do to increase its storage capacity is remove large items and keep them in a storage unit, install a sliding ceiling storage system and clear the floor – entangled water hoses and extension cords will just keep occupying the free space.

All above images courtesy of Creative Commons

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys writing about home and family, pets and gardening.

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