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Best ways to design a small yard
and make it bigger

5 tips to make your yard look larger while landscaping

Every house should have a back yard, but unfortunately not all houses have backyards big enough. Perhaps you have a lot of great redesigning ideas that would transform the look of your backyard, but there simply isn’t enough space to do implement them.

But, with some careful planning and tweaking most of those ideas can be put to work and turn a backyard into a lovely place you will love. Not to mention it will increase the resale value of the house. Here are some ideas to assist you while landscaping the backyard.

Turn your backyard into a lovely place
With some good ideas and careful planning, you can turn your backyard
into a beautiful and enjoyable place.

Go vertical

If the space is scarce, going vertical can free up a lot of space in the backyard. Placing planters vertically will not only look, good but it is also functional. They can be put on tiered planter, or perhaps you could make this your DIY project. Simply use a steel rod and don’t forget to drill holes in it to hold planters. Put bigger planters on the bottom. Using the garden walls or other structures is also a good idea. You could use planks to make shelves for plants or simply drill holes and hang the flowers to make your backyard more colorful.

Create more vertical space
Even a small yard can be easily turned into a great entertainment corner

Don’t clutter

Nothing can make a backyard look small more than clutter. Having too much stuff in the backyard make it chaotic and crowded, think about scaling down and throwing some stuff out. Consider buying built-in seating, this could free up some much-needed space. Too many plants are actually a bad thing for your backyard. Instead of having 15-20 planting pots, have 5 bigger ones to make the backyard feel more spacious. Hedges and bushes are too big and won’t do good to a small backyard.

Avoid clutter in your yard
Avoid creating clutter in your back yard, although some creative disorder
lends itself to a vintage look.

Use perspective

Using a little perspective can make a small space seem bigger. Using long lines will give out an illusion that the backyard is bigger, straight diagonal path across the yard should do the trick. Creating a focal point in the yard can help as well. Slant the ends of lines to converge at a point, it will frame the garden nicely. For a focal point, it would be good to use an object like a big colorful planter or a fountain. To better frame the view in a backyard you could use pergolas or arbors.

Create a focal point in your yard
Having a good focal point is essential to making your backyard a true feature
for your home garden and a place to entertain.

Break it up

Another way to make a backyard appear larger is to create smaller zones in it. Using pathways and furniture to separate small sections can make it seem spacious. This will also make it more cozy and peaceful. Scale down furniture to give you more space to work with, this is another instance where built-in furniture comes in handy. Create a separate dining area, and put lounging furniture in another. Fold away furniture is also a big space saver, after you are done hosting a dinner simply put it away until next time.

Make small yard look functional
No matter how small your yard might be, it can be always made to look
an appealing and desirable place to be.

Use levels

There is a way we can use terracing to our advantage. Creating different levels in a backyard gives depth and makes it seem more spacious. This doesn’t have to be anything exaggerated, a raised container garden or a patio that is on a different level will suffice. Terracing an area will make it appear bigger by adding levels, those walls can be used for hanging planters or decorating. Use some garden landscaping to provide depth to the backyard.

Not everyone has a large backyard
For those who are blessed with larger backyards, there's much more
that can be done to make it a great place to be.

Not everyone is blessed with a big backyard. But with some planning and good ideas you can make a small yard appear spacious. Using perspective to your advantage, adding different levels, dividing up the zones are just some of the ways to make this happen.

All above images courtesy of Creative Commons

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys writing about home and family, pets and gardening.

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