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How To Be The Perfect Party Guest

Tips and tricks to get invited to parties over and again

Parties are the best place to socialise and let your hair down. But even the most experienced party guest can slip up from time to time. Arriving late, leaving without thanking the host and getting too drunk are just a few common mistakes party guests can make.

Depending on your host, you may find that these errors can leave you without an invite in future. This is obviously something you want to avoid at all costs. So to ensure you’ll get invited back year after year, use these tips and tricks to become the perfect party guest.

Two women and a man with a bundle of baloons
If you follow some tips and tricks, you will get invited to parties regularly and become the perfect party guest. (Image courtesy of

Come Prepared

If your host has specifically asked for you to do something for the party, you must do it. For instance, they may ask you to bring your own alcoholic beverage or party food to the event. Turning up empty handed can make you appear rude and disorganised to your host and the other guests.

Your host may instruct you not to bring gifts, or they may want each guest to prepare a new magic trick or song for some entertainment during the party. It can be embarrassing and awkward if you go against the hosts wishes and don’t do as they wish.

So always check your invitation for instructions and call the host directly if you are unsure. It’s always better to check and even if they don’t want you to bring anything, always offer. It’s polite, and your willingness to help out will be appreciated.


Parties are a great place for meeting new and interesting people so don’t just stick to your friendship group. Look for other guests who may be attending the party alone and introduce yourself. While it’s great talking to your closest friends all night, it’s also good to talk to other people in attendance.

If you find yourself at a party with people you don’t know, strike up a conversation with someone at the bar or when you go to grab some food. Your host may feel they have to look after certain guests if they are alone, so offer to keep an eye on them or get them more involved in the celebrations. This will take an enormous weight off their mind, and you could make a new best friend as a result.

Man holding a tray with refreshing drinks
One of the ways to become a desired party guest is to bring along
alcoholic beverages or party food to help your host. 
(Image: Pixabay)

Say Thank You

Whether you’re attending a birthday celebration or just an ordinary house party, you must always say thank you to the host. While parties are fun, they also require a lot of planning and hard work. So having someone show their appreciation makes it all worthwhile. Even if you don’t know the host very well, make the effort to say thank you before you leave. If you like, you could also send a quick text or message to the host the next day to show them how much fun you had.

These tips and tricks will make you a hit at any party you are invited to. Plan ahead and be appreciative of all the effort and hard work your host has put into making it a fabulous night.

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