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Home Improvement

Guides and Tips to Home Improvement

Both home decorating and home improvement increases value of your home. Home improvements are basically adding or renovating things in your home.

Home Improvement TV Shows

Usually home improvement is carried out by a professional tradesman or handy man, but more often these days people are trying to go it alone to save themselves extortionate fees.

When home owners do home improvements these days they are known as amateurs and it is no longer called home improvement, it is known popularly as DIY (Do it yourself).

Bob Villa was one of the most well known authors and televisions hosts when it comes to home improvement books and television shows. There was also a television show in the 90s called "Home Improvement" which used this theme for humour, the show stars Tim Allen.

Nowadays, there has been a proliferation of TV shows on various home and house themes, most of which deal with different aspects of making improvements to your home. From one of the best known Better Homes and Gardens, one of the oldest This Old House, to Designed to Sell, DIY SOS, 60 Minute Makeover, and many more.

Home Repair vs Home Improvement

There are lots of different types of home improvement, wallpapering, upgrading units, laying new carpets, transforming cellars and attics into other rooms and adding new extensions on to the house are just some of the types of home improvement that you can do.

Home improvement improve home value

Many people often get confused between home improvement and home repair; they are both different from each other. Home repair is basically finding problems then fixing them. Most repairs are do it yourself kind of things but sometimes, just occasionally may be your pipes will burst and you will need to call in the professionals! Home improvement on the other hand is bettering your home, adding new things to it, changing the style of it or just adding a bit of a theme to it.

Plan a Home Improvement Project

When people embark on a home improvement project they more often than not draw up a financial plan of some sort, basically this is to save them money. If you don’t have a budget then you are likely to spend much, much more than you need to! Often money can be saved by purchasing things that have promotional offers on them such as half price offers or buy one get one frees. These are the best things you can do to save you some money!

Before starting out on any home improvement project make sure that you have the basics covered; you know what you want done! You can afford to have it done! And it’s going to be done in a set amount of time! These points are essential in an project, but most of all make sure at the end of it you have the home that you want, not someone else’s idea! Make your home suit you!

Home Improvement Articles

There's so much more to home improvement, so we have prepared articles about it:

  • Bath Mats and Rugs - Monotonous and unsightly bathrooms can be dreary places. But with a little imagination and spare cash you can easily enhance the appeal of your bathrooms with some fancy new mats and rugs, that convert your bathroom into a stylish sanctuary.
  • Building a Garage - Unless you already have it, one of the first things to consider for your home improvement is building a new garage. This is not only an opportunity to move your car away from the street or car port, but also to add extra much needed space for storing away the stuff that might be cluttering other parts of your house.
  • Climatisation and Ventilation - Regardless in which urban area you live, be it a house or an apartment, it becomes important to have an air conditioning unit for your living and office space. Good climatisation all year round provides comfortable living and working conditions.
  • Fast-Food Bed Sheets - Modern bed and linen designs are often influenced by unusual themes. Currently a hot trend among home and bedroom design are fast-food themed bed linen and bed shapes, inspired by fast-food favorites, such as pepperoni pizza, hamburger and fries.
  • Home Decorating Ideas - Home decorating usually brings to mind the expenditures of money and time. But it needn't be so. We give you 10 home decorating ideas that will freshen up your room over a weekend.
  • Home Decor Gifts - Whether it's Christmas or some other holiday season or ocassion, home decor gifts will sometime take the frustration out of gift shopping. As important as it is in selecting home decor gifts, it's also good to know when not to give such gifts.
  • Home Improvement Books - If you're still looking for an inspiration for your improvement project, then home improvement books could be a good source of information, often based on true home improvement stories and experiences.
  • Home Improvement Ideas - Unless it has become a necessity, before you do any home improvement you need to have some ideas about what and how to do it. But you would be surprised just how easy it is to get home improvement ideas.
  • Ways to Improve Your Home - Over time you stop making changes around your house and it starts to look less and less appealing to you. It's time to face up to it and take steps to make your home lovable again. There are easy and inexpensive ways to improve your home.
  • Temporary Fencing Suppliers - When you are beuilding a house, or if your job involves a larger construction site, one of the essential things to be done is to put up temporary fencing around the job site. Get some tips on how to find the right temporary fencing supplier.
  • Make Your House a Home - No matter where you live, in a new house or an old property, you strive to make it feel like home. Sometime we lack the time or the money to make improvements. So, here are some easy do-it-yourself hacks to make your house a home.
  • Modern Wallpaper Designs - When you are looking to revamp or modernize your room or house, wallpapers can transform it from mundane to ultra chic. They are easy to fit, come in numerous styles and designs, and are usually easy to remove. Explore our list of 12 modern wallpaper designs and styles.
  • Budget Kitchen Remodelling - Taking care of family and especially of your little ones is a full-time responsibility, which also costs money. So, remodelling jobs are often last thing on your mind. But there are ways to remodel your kitchen on a budget and still be happy with new look.
  • Tidy up the Kitchen Space - Untidy, cluttered kitchens are accidents waiting to happen. To escape the feeling of a small and messy kitchen, utilize our ideas to tidy up your kitchen space and make your cooking experience a pleasant one.
  • Remodel Your Bathroom - When you want to make some home improvements, turning to your bathroom is usually a good place to start. One can always do with a better bathroom. Remodelling your bathroom can be an awesome chance to make it dazzling and modern.
  • Remodel Your Kitchen - The housing crisis since 2008 put the end to most renovations and home improvements. Housing market recovery, as slow as it has been, has brought back some confidence, as more homeowners are starting to go back to renovating their homes. As one of the most used spaces in home, kitchens are often the focus of remodelling jobs.