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Page: Roof Inspection Checklist Tips - Benefits of Regular Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection Checklist -
12 Roof Inspection Tips
for Lasting Roofline Results

Benefits of regular roof inspection to save you dollars
and prevent roofing problems

Roofs are an integral part of our home that we often take for granted. Proper and timely maintenance of the roof will not only keep your house up to date but also reduce the financial burden in the future. To extend the life of your roofs, you must maintain it properly. Experts recommend that we at least inspect the roof of our house and commercial spaces twice a year. One is the post rainy season, and another is the post-summer season.


Your roof inspection is best done by professional roofing contractors,
who cal also do immediate repairs where needed.

Here are 12 benefits of regular roof inspection that will save you money and unnecessary expenses on your home.

Weather and Roof Ageing Factor

If the roof is made up of multiple materials, its life expectancy is around 20 to 30 years, while if it is made up of shingles, the life expectancy reduces to 15 to 25 years. All roofs are affected by the weather and aging factor, so regular inspection is necessary to cure water leakage problems and other damages.

Prevent Damage With Routine Maintenance

Maintaining your roof is essential in order to keep it in a good shape for unpredicted or even some regularly occurring events. Such include maintenance of air-conditioning and similar systems that might involve roof work. Sometime servicement might find it challenging to close all the panels properly and clean any debris. On bad weather days, the objects laying on the roof fly with the wind. Whenever you end up with servicement working on or around your roof, make sure that they properly clean up after themeselves and don't leave things improperly closed or laying around.


Regular roof inspection should be done twice a year, to assess any
damage and make small fixes where needed, as prevention.

Prevention From Storm Damage

Imagine a heavy rainfall or high wind blowing. It causes damage to your roof and calls for immediate repairs. Add to it water leakage and you have an even bigger problem that needs an immediate fix. So, just a regular maintenance would not be enough, and you might need roof repairs or part replacements. If there is a garden or trees around your house, the tree limbs could fall on your roof and create significant damage. All in all, storm damages may call for immediate repairs that can be rather costly. You can avoid most of this if you maintain your roof properly.


While trees are beautiful addition to one's home, they can also be
hazzardous not only to your roof but the home itself during a storm.

Maintain Systematic Drainage

The drainage or gutter system from the roof should be all systematic and well maintained. In the absence of proper water drainage, the chances of water accumulation, infiltration, and mud will increase. As part of your regular roof inspection, check your gutters and drainage system, clearing any debris. In the rainy season, clutter like leaves, debris, dust, waste papers, etc. clog and block the roof drainage, resulting in mud and water accummulating in the roof gutters.

If you regularly inspect your roof, you can clear out any such obstructions and allow the water to drain efficiently. Besides, keep in mind that poor drainage may degrade the quality of roofing material over a period of time, making it more susceptible to rust and deterioration.


Roofing gutters are a wonderful addition to your roofing system,
but they have to be regularly checked and cleaned of any debris.

Regular Roof Cleaning

To avoid the massive cost of roof replacement before its anticipated life expectancy, regular roof cleaning is essential. The idea is to keep up the excellent condition of your roof by investing in low-cost regular roof cleaning, rather than paying off a hefty sum later on the roof inspection and follow-up fixes. The fact is that a clean roof is less likely to endure a storm damage than the one that's not cleaned regularly.

Not to mention that if you live in the USA or other parts of the northern hemisphere, your roof also has to endure the harsh conditions of the freezing winter and snow. Even a minor damage to your roof can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare.

Ensure that your roof can withstand the effects of temperature changes and different climate. Get a roofing contractor and schedule a pre-winter roof inspection. After all, it's better to be safe with your family, than to endure the cost and inconvenience of fixing roof problems after they occur, possibly in some harsh weather conditions, too.


Now that we are focusing more on sustainable living, solar panels are
increasingly installed on roofs, requiring regular cleaning and upkeep.

Peace of Mind

How much is worth having peace of mind? We all like the comfort and pleasantries of our homes, with the properly functioning roof being an important factor in it.

So, for your peace of mind and comfort, get the roof inspection done using a professional roofing contractor. A small investment cost will be well worth long-term comfort, to protect your home and family. Even if there are some fixes to be done, better do it sooner rather than later. As the old adage goes, 'a stitch in time saves nine'.


Having peace of mind is a wonderful thing the comes with doing your
responsibilities on time, such as regular roof inspections.

Avoid Roofing Surprises

Most homeowners are often surprised to learn that their roof has been damaged, especially when a cursory glance from the ground gives you an impression that all is fine.

But the first responsibility for your home's roof is with you, the homeowner. You need to check your roof regularly, even just visually from the ground, for any potential or visible problems. If for whatever reasons you can't do that, get a roofing contractor to do the proper inspection. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends a homeowner conducts roof check twice a year. This will enable you to spot any roof problems early on and prolong your roof's life by timely fixes. It is necessary to remind you that if you are using a ladder, please follow the proper safety procedures. Otherwise, get a roofing contractor to do the job for you.


A spotless roof is a sight to behold, guaranteeing your family
peaceful sleep at night and care-free living at your home.

Thoroughly Check for Any Signs of Roof Damage or Potential Problems

The idea of regularly inspecting your roof is not only to check for any damage that needs to be fixed immediately, but also to prolong the roof's life. You want your roof to be a solid protector of your home for many years to come.

So, let us say you find yourself up on the ladder, cleaning your gutters or changing the holiday lights, for example. You are going to want to look across your roof to see if you see any signs of shingles splitting, curling, or blistering. You will also want to check for areas where the roof shingles appear to be loose or missing. And it would help if you even looked for exposed nails that may have popped up due to the expansion and contraction of the roof deck. You can also check the interior of your roof in your attic or crawl space.


Avoid nasty surprises in your home with a leaking roof in the middle of
a storm, by regular roof checks and timely repairs and fixes.

You will also want to check for any signs of water damage, leaks, or daylight coming in dark, wet spots on the interior. You will also require to ensure that the padding is not blocking any ventilation and checking to ensure that your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans are vented to the outside and not pumping warm, moist air into your attic or crawl space. Notice any of the signs of potential roof problems. It would also help if you call a trusted roofing contractor or roofing professionals to come to your home to perform a more thorough inspection.

Please keep in mind that these red flags do not necessarily point to you having to replace your entire roof. It may be a tiny problem that it is effortless to fix. What is important here is that you notice any small damage and potential roof problems, to remedy them now and avoid costly repairs later.

Timely Roof Inspection Saves Money

It has usually been seen that people that do not regularly check their attic or roof, end up paying higher bills and losing money. It stands to reason that it's impossible to know whether something is wrong with your roof or attic, without inspecting it. Either you do the job twice a year, or get a roofing contractor to do it for you.

Some contractors provide a basic visual inspection, which consists of examining the roof's exterior, sometimes only from the street level. While this may be all that's needed, in some cases, it's not safe to assume that it's all that's required. If you suspect that there might be roof problems, get a contractor to do a thorough roof inspection. Contractors who perform a more comprehensive roof inspection will be better able to identify any roofing issues and determine precisely what is needed to fix those problems.


Your home and family will always be in a need of more money.
Save them by timely roof inspections, to avoid huge expenses later.

Check Ventilation

While you are getting your roof inspection done, it's a good opportunity to also check for any ventilation problems. Improper roof ventilation can cause problems and damage to your roof, especially when it comes to shingles. Your roofing contractors charlotte will measure and calculate the proper attic ventilation for your home shape and size, all done professionally.


Be vigilant when it comes to your home and family, ba taking all
necessary steps to protect them, including regular home checks.

Look for Water Damage

You should also have your roofing contractor check your attic for possible water leaks, mildew build-up and mold. Also get the contractor to check the insulation for any signs of wear or other damage. Water damage usually starts much earlier when you see a wet spot on your roof. Reputable professional roofers will be equipped to detect these water leaks before they cause a more serious damage to your home.


If your roof suffers damage, you might qualify for insurance claim;
where your roofing company can help with filing it.

Insurance Claims Simplified

Most reputable roofing companies provide detailed reports from roof inspections along with their consultations and findings. These reports allow you to file insurance claims and obtain approval. Such roofing companies tell you the type of roof damage and the estimated cost to fix your roof.

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