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Moving in Together:
How Soon is Too Soon?

When should you share a living space with your partner?

Oh, how the trends have changed. Back in the day, it was outrageous for two people in love to live together before they get married. However, nowadays living in sin seems more popular than ever before. Many couples decide to test the waters by living together way before they decide to tie the knot. With that being said, how can you know when it is time to move in with your partner. More often than not, people ask themselves is moving in together a good idea?

After how much time of dating should you share a living space

Putting a time frame on this decision is silly. For example, if somebody tells you that after a year, successful couples should start living together, please do not listen to them. There is no time stamp that should be put on this decision. Moving in together for couples depends on their relationship’s stability.

Once you are in an open and stable relationship you can start thinking about taking this step. Of course, when I say open I am not referring to being open to dating other people, but the opposite. This would mean that two people are open to one another and honest with each other. Also, if you want to live together in harmony, you must be transparent and loyal to your potential new roommate.

Guy kissing his girlfriend's forehead.

Every new step in your relationship takes you further and
brings you closer, but it also tests how true is your relationship.

It must be only your decision

No relationship is the same. Therefore, nobody but you can make this decision. Family and friends might have only good intentions when giving you advice, but they cannot understand everything that is going on inside your relationship. There is a big chance they will give you wrong advice based on their previous experiences. This is not the way you want to be creating your family home. Moving in together or not should be based only on your opinion and feelings.

Being in love doesn’t automatically mean you should be living together

Do you remember the first few months of your relationship? You feel infatuated with the other person. All you want to do is to be close to them and around them. You feel like you want to share everything and do everything together. It would be so much easier if you lived together. If you are spontaneously recognizing yourself while you read this paragraph, pump the breaks immediately.

In your head, you probably have already projected your perfect family home. Trust me, that will not be the case if you act too hasty and start sharing a home right away. There are many difficult conversations and situations that you should go through before you take this big and important step.

Couple enjoying the view of a beautiful city.

As a new couple, the more time you spend together and doing
different things, the more you get to know each other,
making it easier to decide if moving in together is too soon.

If moving in together is a strategy, don’t do it

At some point, you might feel insecure in your relationship. This is absolutely normal. Since all relationships have their ups and downs, it is natural to sometimes question yourself and your partner. Consequently, you might feel like your relationship is going downhill. You will feel like you need a quick fix.

Moving in together might seem like an appealing solution. However, don’t do it. Try to step away from the situation and really think about it. You will realize that what you really need is space to reevaluate your relationship.

Are you familiar with the art of arguing?

Have you ever heard one of your friends say that she or he doesn’t argue with their partner? Well, that is very unlikely. There is no division into couples that argue and don’t argue. On the contrary, all couples argue. Some know how to do it, and some don’t. You will see some couples have a heated argument and coming out of it even stronger. On the other hand, there are couples that drift further away from one another after they argue. Make sure you know how to handle arguments in a way that strengthens your bond. Not the opposite.

Guy with a girl on bicycle, in love, outdoors.

Infatuation can easily be mistaken for true love feelings, where you
want to share everything, potentially leading to bitter breakups.

No money talk, no moving in

You will be surprised, but this has nothing to do with your in-house budget. Finances are a very important topic. Financial issues are the number one reason why people get divorced. You must be transparent and honest about your earnings. Furthermore, you must share details such as debt and credit obligations. Also, it is good to share some other financial pressures that you have. For example, every month you give an amount of money to your mother. It is a good idea to share this with your partner. If you don’t figure out how to honestly communicate about finances, you can truly endanger your future with your companion.

After finances, home budget is your next step if moving in together is your goal

Hopefully, you had the talk about your finances and it went great. Congrats! That is a big deal. Now you both know what can be accomplished from a housing standpoint. Therefore, it is time to figure out how to manage your home budget. If you cannot figure your in-house budget, don’t bother joining your lives. At least not yet. There is no right and wrong answer. The point is to be in sync with you mate.

For example, your boyfriend is an old-school type of guy. He thinks that he needs to be the provider. Therefore, he insists that he covers all the bills and living expenses. If you agree, that is great. However, if you are a modern feminist and you disagree with his point of view, well you have a problem on your hands. I think you get the point. It is not a matter of opinion, but of mutual understanding between two people. Managing your home budget incorrectly can be a deal breaker.

Old couple taking a walk.

It takes a lot of work for a relationship to last a lifetime,
so why rush it by moving in together too soon,
when it's better to take your time and make it work.

Moving in together shouldn't empower you if done the right way

Hopefully, you have conquered all the obstacles that we mentioned. Moving in with your partner can be the most amazing time of your life. Since I moved in with my boyfriend, I have never felt better and more confident in our bond. To make things even better, we hired Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas to help us with our move. So, we barely felt the stress of relocating.

Anyhow, make sure you follow your gut and trust your inner voice. Only by doing that will you make the right decision. It is normal to be a bit nervous before starting to share your space with somebody else. This is natural. In contrast, if you are anxious and overwhelmed you might want to reevaluate your choice. Anyway, good luck and hopefully you will make the best possible decision for yourself. Remember, moving in together is supposed to be a joyful experience for two people in love.

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