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3 Things To Consider
When Popping The Question Abroad

Make your proposing abroad go as smoothly as possible

Getting engaged is one of the biggest moments in your life. It’s the special moment where you decide to spend the rest of your life with your partner, for better or for worse. While proposing at home is a beautiful gesture, popping the question abroad while on holiday has a become a huge trend.

Proposing during a romantic stroll along a white sandy beach somewhere in tropics, or aboard a yacht does sound appealing. But requires some planning beforehand. If you’re considering proposing abroad shortly, consider these three things to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Getting engaged

Should you decide to propose to your partner abroad, be very mindful of
how you take care of your engagement rings. (Image by

Insurance for the ring

The ring is going to be a central feature of your proposal, so it needs to be carefully looked after and protected. Having insurance is a must have for when you’re planning a holiday. But should become even more of a priority when you’re carrying an engagement ring in your luggage. Ask the jeweller if they have an insurance policy that can cover you for loss or damage while you are away. You may only be covered if you have bought designer items such as Tacori or Ritani engagement rings. A reputable holiday insurer should be able to help you get cover if the jeweller cannot offer you a policy. If something unimaginable happens, you can rest assured knowing that your insurance will protect you.

Storing the ring

Following on from insuring your ring, always ensure that the ring is properly stored away. While a box may be difficult to conceal it will most likely be the safely way of transporting this valuable item. If the box the jeweller has supplied is too bulky, you can go online and find a smaller, more appropriately sized one. If a box isn’t ideal, there are pouches and envelopes you can buy online, making it easier to hide the ring from your partner. It’s wise to keep the ring with you at all times in your hand luggage. This will be some additional protection for you, should your suitcase get lost along the way. Place the ring in a zip pocket where the box cannot move around too much. This will prevent the ring from falling out and getting scratched or tarnished.

Choose the location carefully

The location of your proposal needs to be perfect to make a powerful impact. So research the local area of your holiday destination and find some potential areas. It needs to be something a little bit special so choose carefully. Also, consider where you are going to keep the ring while you make your way to this romantic location. Practise unveiling the ring at home to see how easy it is and if you need to rethink your outfit. Your pockets may be too tight, which could ruin the surprise of the moment.

These three considerations all need to be done while preparing for your trip. Don’t leave it to the last minute and carefully plan every aspect of the day. That way you will feel more at ease and ready to ask the biggest question of your life. With a beautiful ring, an idyllic setting and an incredible proposal, I’m sure your partner will find it hard to say anything but yes.


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