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Most popular destinations
for a tropical wedding

7 tropical destinations that are
ideal places for a dream wedding

Planning and preparing for the big day is very engaging for the future spouses. However, it really can’t get more exciting that organizing your wedding day at some of the most beautiful exotic destinations in the world.

Check out the following list of the most popular tropical wedding destinations and see for yourself it there’s a place that would be perfect for your dream wedding.

Wedding party in tropics

What can be more exciting and more beautiful
than a dream wedding at an exotic tropical destination.


This Caribbean island is considered one of the most popular as well as scenic places to visit and get married in, owning to its greatly predictable weather and sunny days throughout the year. There are also many resorts specifically made for wedding receptions and couples may choose from many different themes as well as opt for an adult-only venue or a family-oriented one.

Beach bay in Aruba

Aruba island has all the makings for an unforgettable wedding in tropics

Cancun/Riviera Maya

Those who can’t resist the charm of Mexico will definitely find Cancun and Riviera Maya a great place to exchange vows. Apart from the typical paradise-like sandy beaches, the couple and their guests can also enjoy the wildlife, rainforests and amazing Mayan ruins. Of course, when it comes to resorts and wedding venues, people can choose from adult-only to full family places as well as some more luxurious spots for a more grandiose atmosphere.

Beachfront resorts in Cancun

The magnificent Cancun's Riviera Maya offers
a perfect setting for a tropical wedding celebrations.

Punta Cana

Visiting the Dominican Republic is many a people’s dream, let alone getting married in one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The weather is very pleasant and the options for hotels and resorts are numerous. The bride and groom can choose their favorite option from the vast range of wedding packages and opt for either the most unique or traditional places they can imagine.

Holiday resort in Punta Cana

The famous Punta Cana destination in the Dominican Republic
would be an ideal place for a dream wedding.


Hawaii is already known as a great place to get married in or spend the honeymoon. However, those couples who seek more dramatic experience for their wedding day would undoubtedly love the island of Kauai. The nature is almost intact so that there are miles and miles of land to explore with canyons, lagoons, cliffs and beaches all available for a wedding ceremony.

Tropical palms beach in Hawaii

Hawaii is already a well-known and popular place to get wed,
offering many island destinations ideal for a beach wedding ceremony.


Couples that seek both beauty and adventure will definitely find what they’re looking for on this Tahitian island. Moorea is covered with mossy mountains and crystal-clear lagoons which would make a breathtaking background for wedding photos. Again, this island offers many different wedding packages and the couple can also opt for a traditional Polynesian wedding ceremony.

Moorea island in Tahiti

Mossy mountains and crystal clear lagoons make Moorea
a splendid Tahiti location for a memorable tropical wedding.


Is there a more romantic place to say your “I do’s” than this Mediterranean country? There are a lot of options when it comes to your stay in this wonderful country. Venice, Lake Como, Isle of Capri and Florence are just some of the most popular places that would provide you with a Shakespearian-like romantic setting, luxurious accommodation and picturesque scenery for the most important day of your life.

Porto Venere in Italy

Already famous for its culture, food and architecture,
Italy provides a perfect backdrop for a truly romantic wedding.


With decades of experience in destination weddings and great wedding venue options available, it is no wonder why Jamaica is one of the most popular tropic destinations especially when it comes to beach weddings. Of course, you can opt for a garden or mansion wedding theme as well. There are almost no hotels in Jamaica that do not include some kind of a wedding package. There are also many fun activities to engage in after the ceremony and many unique places to visit, such as Bob Marley’s hometown.

Wedding at sunset in tropics

No matter what destination you choose for your wedding, it will be
a truly beautiful
occasion, for a memorable start in your life together.

There’s no doubt that destination weddings are truly spectacular and a sure way to make your wedding day memorable. Once you decide on the place, make sure to inform the guests well in advance and work out all the necessary details so that you can organize your budget as well as book the accommodation for you and your party.

All above images courtesy of Creative Commons and Pixabay

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys writing about home and family, pets and gardening.

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